AUTHOR: Fernando Fernan Gomez.
ADDRESS: Ángeles Cuña Bóveda.
PREMIERE DATE AND PLACE: September 21, 2012. Municipal Auditorium, Ourense.


"The journey to nowhere" is a magnificent narrative work told masterfully by Fernando Fernán Gómez and which SARABELA TEATRO adapts to the theater with real passion.
It is the story of some "comedians from the league" who lived in Spain a few decades ago and who traveled dusty roads full of poverty, with the aim of bringing a smile, a respite to the hardships of a gray population, marked by misery and hunger.
The traveling cinema was ending one of the most endearing professions, where comedians were looked down upon by the rest of society, little more than vagabonds of low morals and tending to licentious life. These actors and actresses went out into the open to perform their traveling performances, works by the Quintero brothers, Buero Vallejo or Calderón de la Barca, among others.
The characters are very well defined: The protagonist, Carlos Galván (Fernando Dacosta), endearing, weak, innocent; his father, Arturo (Lino Braxe), director of the Company, has only done one thing in his life, walk the streets representing functions; Rosiña, Xulia and Xoana (Nate Borrajo, Sabela Gago and Fina Calleja) are tough and proud women; Solís "the filmmaker" also appears, Sofía Maldonado (Elena Seijo) in charge of the company's management; Carliños, son of Carlos Galván, is a young man who enters the life of comedians and criticizes with perplexity the lifestyle they lead.
These are very human characters, anti-heroes, with their very well-defined fears, but with an extraordinary vitality, poor people who believe that above all else we must live the life that has been given to each one with the greatest dignity as "the main force that move the earth” and as much joy as possible, joy that seeps into the scenes with excellent humor.
Laughter, crying, tenderness, pain, love and death, all human feelings and emotions are embedded in this adventure in which only at the end will the protagonist discover the ultimate meaning of his journey.



Fernando Fernan Gomez

Direction and Dramaturgy

Ángeles Cuña Bóveda

Assistant Director

Tito Asorey


Fernando Dacosta
fine street
Nate Borrajo
Sabela Stuttering
Elena Seijo
Josito Porto
Lino Braxe
Jorge Casas


Projection: Diego B. Urbano
Stage and costume design: Suso Montero
Lighting design: Pedro Fresneda
Makeup Design: Rachel Fidalgo
Poster and programs: Ghedesign
Photos: Mario G, Herradon
Video: Alba Carpentierc
Sound Technician: Ruben Dobaño
Light Technician: Manuel Bayon
scene technician: David Diaz
sound space: Rennata Coda Fons
Production Teatro Sarabela S.L.: Elena Seijo and Fina Calleja
Distribution: fine street