Graduated from the Royal School of Dramatic and Dance Art in Madrid and graduated in Information Sciences from the Complutense University.

For years he combines stage activity with various jobs in the media; member of the company Sarabela Theater since 1998. He directs his interest towards the world of interpretation and the areas of voice and drama. Actress and teacher at the Ourense University Theater School, she takes on the responsibilities of distributor and artistic producer within the framework of Sarabela Teatro.

Receives the Maria Casares awards for the best text adapted for the theatrical versions of The Carpenter's Pencil e Sexist, awards shared with Ángeles Cuña Bóveda and Begoña Muñoz. I acted as an actress in several television series (Father Casares among others) and creates and directs Cristovo and the book of wonders or the last dragon the last children's show of Sarabela Teatro, among others.

Latest montages with Sarabela:

2007. Margar in the peace of time by A. Cuña Bóveda

2008. We're in charge I also dream of A. Cuña Bóveda

2008. Cosima de Cris Baldwin

2009. The Esmorga by Blanco Amor (Dramaturgy by Begoña Muñoz and Carlos Couceiro)

2010. Konrad by Chistrine Nöstlinger (Dramaturgy by A. Cuña Bóveda)

2010. O uncertain Lord Don Hamlet from Cunqueiro

2011. Tango by Slawomir Mrózek

2011. The wonder of water by Fine Calleja

2012. Flying by Fine Calleja

2012. The journey to nowhere by F. Fernán Gómez (Dramaturgy by A. Cuña Bóveda)

2013. the age of the peacock by Aristides Vargas

2014. little certainties de Bárbara Colio

2014. The Last Dragon by Fine Calleja

2015. Blindness essay by José Saramago (Dramaturgy by A. Cuña Bóveda)

Sarabela S.L. it has funding from the European Union – NextGenerationEU, within the framework of subsidies for cultural acceleration in the field of performing arts from the Xunta de Galicia.