Ourense 1969.

He is an actor, director and playwright.

in theater has been a member of Compañía Sarabela since 1986, participating in all its productions, some of them being: The carpenter's pencil, Sexist, the yellow island, The Conspiracy of Fools, So let 5 years pass, Petting, The Hero, cat in boots, Macbeth, Cristovo and the book of wonders e Margar in the Pazo do Tempo.
With the Galician Drama Center he was in the productions of Don Hamlet, to lagarada, soldier's story, Leoncio and Lena, If old Sinbad returned to the islands e The year of the comet.
It was directed, in addition to Ánxeles Cuña, director of Sarabela, by Helena Pimenta, Ricard Salvat, Fabio Mangolini, Pere Planella, Manolo Guede, Fina Calleja or Quico Cadaval.
He also received training from Albert Boadella, Sergi Belbel, Vicente Fuentes, Ángel Facio, Ernesto Caballero, Martín Adjemián or Isabel Úbeda among others.
He received 2 Compostela awards, 3 María Casares and 1 FETEN, in addition to being a finalist 3 times in the María Casares.

in TV participated in Combined dishes, The other stallholders, To the Pita family, Cela Vella, low laughs, Xabarín Club, Tell me, Composed and no boyfriend, Hospital Central, sheet metal and paint or Serramoura among others.
At the cinema the half of life e long meadow

direct the Aula de Teatro Universitaria de Ourense since 1994.

He led with the Classroom ubu king, Hamlet, The Country of the last things, Blood weddings, Fahrenheit 451, the awakening, Totem, Frankenstein, the rampant baron, Unicorn, space odyssey, A happy world, freedom coffee touring theaters in Spain and Portugal as well as acting in Italy and Morocco.

His productions have received numerous awards from the Ministry of Youth and at university festivals.

He also directed Tres Pontes three times with Sarabela, retainer with Talía Teatro or Closed with Trécola Teatro (Na Vangarda Award 2006).

He founded MITEU (Ourense University Theater International Show), which he has directed since 1996.

He founded MOTI (Children's Theater Exhibition of Ourense), which he has directed since 2004.

He also founded the Eis group at the University of Santiago, which he led for 7 years.

Performs the dramaturgies of the productions of the Ourense University Theater Class.

He has a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Santiago and has a research report with the UNED of Professional Theater in Galicia in 1993.

Latest montages with Sarabela:

2007. Margar in the peace of time by A. Cuña Bóveda

2008. We're in charge I also dream of A. Cuña Bóveda

2008. Cosima de Cris Baldwin

2009. The Esmorga by Blanco Amor (Dramaturgy by Begoña Muñoz and Carlos Couceiro)

2010. Konrad by Chistrine Nöstlinger (Dramaturgy by A. Cuña Bóveda)

2010. O uncertain Lord Don Hamlet from Cunqueiro

2011. Tango by Slawomir Mrózek

2011. The wonder of water by Fine Calleja

2012. Flying by Fine Calleja

2012. The journey to nowhere by F. Fernán Gómez (Dramaturgy by A. Cuña Bóveda)

2013. the age of the peacock by Aristides Vargas

2014. little certainties de Bárbara Colio

2014. The Last Dragon by Fine Calleja

2015. Blindness essay by José Saramago (Dramaturgy by A. Cuña Bóveda)

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