Place and date of birth: Pontevedra, 1957
Playwright, Pedagogue and Director.


Degree in Education Sciences from the University of Santiago de Compostela.
Graduated from the School of Expression of Barcelona. She worked as an Activities Teacher; taught Language and Literature at the IES Universidade Laboral and currently combines his work in the Guidance Department of the same Center with his theater practice.


He has directed more than fifty shows, among which we must emphasize:

1992. as chairs by E. Ionesco.

1993. Jacob and his master, M. Kundera.

1994. Bed two by two for two, S. Belbel.

1996. The Esmorga, E.B. Amor (Adap. Couceiro-Muñoz).

1998. Tics, Couceiro-Cuña-Dacosta-Muñoz.

2000. carpenter's pencil, M. Rivas (Adapt. Cuña-Muñoz-Calleja).

2001. Sexist, Mr. Pedro Calderón de la Barca. (Adapt. Cuña-Muñoz-Calleja).

2003. So let 5 years pass by F.G.Lorca. (Adap. Ánxeles Cuña)

2005. the hero by Manuel Rivas

2007. Margar in the peace of time by A. Cuña Boveda.

2008. We're in charge I also dream of A. Cuña Bóveda

2008. Cosima de Cris Baldwin

2009. The Esmorga by Blanco Amor (Dramaturgy by Begoña Muñoz and Carlos Couceiro)

2010. Konrad by Chistrine Nöstlinger (Dramaturgy by A. Cuña Bóveda)

2010. O uncertain Lord Don Hamlet from Cunqueiro

2011. Tango by Slawomir Mrózek

2012. The journey to nowhere by F. Fernán Gómez (Dramaturgy by A. Cuña Bóveda)

2013. the age of the peacock by Aristides Vargas

2014. little certainties de Bárbara Colio

2015. Blindness essay by José Saramago (Dramaturgy by A. Cuña Bóveda)


REPORTER at the Universities of Santiago de Compostela, Lugo, A Coruña, Vigo and Ourense. He has published numerous articles in specialized journals.

DOCUMENTARY in the film "O lapis do carpinteiro" by Antón Reixa (based on the homonymous narration by Manuel Rivas).


Beneficious, among others, from the teachings of Marco Antonio de la Parra, Eugenio Barba, A. Boadella, Augusto Fernandes, Gisellè Barret, Henri Bossu, Antonio Fava, Sergi Belbel…


Teacher of the subject of Creation and Literary Staging.

Teacher of Interpretation, Creativity, Dramaturgy, Direction.

He taught Courses, Workshops and Seminars for professionals as well as at different levels of university education and in the Training of Trainers.


ANANKÈ (INEM Group). TARUMBA (I.E.S. - Labor University of Ourense). PACORROQUES (Third Age of Celanova). SCHOLÁSTICOS FEROCHES (Renovation of Philosophy). MARICASTAÑA (Founder of the Ourense University Theater Class, University of Vigo. Currently directed by Fernando Dacosta). She is also the founder of SARABELA THEATER.

He directs the FITO (Ourense International Theater Festival) since its creation.


author Co-author in the dramaturgy team of Sarabela (together with Begoña Muñoz, Fernando Dacosta and Carlos Couceiro). Adaptor or versioner (together with Begoña Muñoz and Fina Calleja). Solo adaptor or versioner of more than ten theatrical texts.


The shows directed by her are multi-awarded in all categories.

Among the most direct recognitions, he received the FETÉN Award for best direction, show and original text, for "Tics".

Mª Casares Awards for the best direction, adapted text, lighting and show for the work "O lapis do carpinteiro".

XIRIA Award for theatrical work at the 18th International Show of Comic and Festive Theater in Cangas.

Mª Casares Award for the best text adapted by "Sexismunda".

Mª Casares Award for the best direction, show and adapted text for the work "Así que passen five anos".

Celestina Award (from Madrid critics) for “Romance by Micomicón and Adelhala”.


ASSISTANT DIRECTOR by Ricard Salvat in the play "O incerto señor don Hamlet, príncipe de Dinamarca" by Álvaro Cunqueiro.

DIRECTOR INVITED to stage "Leoncio and Helena" by G. Büchner.

DIRECTOR OF CDG as head of the IGAEM Production Unit between October 2005 and March 2006.

Sarabela S.L. it has funding from the European Union – NextGenerationEU, within the framework of subsidies for cultural acceleration in the field of performing arts from the Xunta de Galicia.