For us, making theater is, on the one hand, a vital necessity, and, on the other, the inevitable passion of a group of explorers, those who have decided to live with the "high vigilance of the poet".

We do not intend here to count as many footprints as these years of incessant activity have left us (Agrupación Tratral Independente in 1980 and Professional Company since 1990), since apparently we have wings but we also have feet, that is to say, we dream and wake up.

We almost always work with emotions of high intensity, which are not easy to transfer from the table to the paper or to the electronic format.

We fill our lives with content and uncertainty, because in the group there is a particular resonance. The inner tissue gives us warmth and pushes us to continue living. As long as SARABELA has something to unravel she will stay alive. It seems that only the core emotions survive over time.

We've come this far and we may know where we want to go. Our goals: to make a good theater, a living, risky, contemporary, coherent theater; with rigor, self-criticism, responsibility, resistance... Constantly correcting, improving to renew ourselves.

The crux of the matter is that the words have to be seen and heard.

Ángeles Cuña Bóveda
Director of Sarabela


Sarabela S.L. it has funding from the European Union – NextGenerationEU, within the framework of subsidies for cultural acceleration in the field of performing arts from the Xunta de Galicia.