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Elena Seijo

Graduate in Pedagogy and learned in theatre since 1981 with different professionals such as: Malonda, Fermín Cabal, Guillermo Heras, Jesús Aladré, Martín Adjemian, Vicente Fuentes, Fabio Mangolini, Albert Boadella, Angel Facio, etc.

Co-founder acress of Sarabela Teatro she carries out her acting activities mainly in this company, although she has also worked in the C.D.G. and in several TV programmes and serials as, for example, in CON PERDÓN, or lately in the serial LOS SERRANO and TERRAS DE MIRANDA.

She is a teacher at the Aula de Teatro Universitaria of Ourense, from which she also coordinates the MITEU every year.

She has been nominated as the best galician actress in the years 1994, 1995, 1999, 2002, 2004 e 2005. and awarded as the best galician supporting actress in 1995, in the play CAMA by Sarabela Teatro, and in the year 2002 as the best galician main actress in SEXISMUNDA by Sarabela Teatro.