For us, working in theatre is both a vital necessity and the inevitable passion of a group of explorers, those of us who have chosen to live with the “strong wakefulness of the poet”.

We do not intend to show here all the traces that all these years of unending activity have left on us (Independent Theatre Group in 1980 and professional company since1990) because, as it seems, we have wings but we also have feet, that is, we dream and we awaken.

We almost always work with highly intense emotions, not at all easy to transfer from the stage to a piece of paper or to electronic means.

We fill our lives with content and uncertainty, because in the group there is a special resonance. The inner tissue brings warmth and leads us to go on living. While Sarabela has something to decipher it will continue living. It seems only fundamental feelings survive time.

We have reached this point and perhaps we know where we want to go. Our aims: making good theatre, a theatre which is alive, risky and contemporary, coherent, rigorous, self-critical, full of responsibility, resistant… Correcting our mistakes constantly, improving to reach renewal.

The really important matter is that words have to be seen and heard.

Ánxeles Cuña Bóveda. Director of Sarabela

[single_bg url=”http://sarabelateatro.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/fondo8.jpg”] Place and date of birth: Pontevedra, 1957 Playwrite, Pedagogue and Director. Director of SARABELA TEATRO. PROFESSIONAL LEARNING AND EXPERIENCE Graduate in education science at the Santiago de Compostela University. Qualified at the Escola de Expresión in Barcelona. She worked as an activity teacher; she taught language and literature […]


[single_bg url=”http://sarabelateatro.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/fondo8.jpg”] Graduate in Pedagogy and learned in theatre since 1981 with different professionals such as: Malonda, Fermín Cabal, Guillermo Heras, Jesús Aladré, Martín Adjemian, Vicente Fuentes, Fabio Mangolini, Albert Boadella, Angel Facio, etc. Co-founder acress of Sarabela Teatro she carries out her acting activities mainly in this company, although […]


[single_bg url=”http://sarabelateatro.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/fondo8.jpg”] Ourense 1969. He is an actor, director and dramaturgist. In theatre he has been part of the company Sarabela since 1986 taking part in all its shows, of which the latest are: O lapis do carpinteiro, Sexismunda, A illa amarela, A Conxura dos necios, Así que pasen 5 […]


[single_bg url=”http://sarabelateatro.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/fondo8.jpg”] Graduate at the Royal School of Dramatic Arts and Dance of Madrid and graduate in Information Science at the Complutense University. For years she has combined her theatre activity with different work in the comunication media; member of theSarabela Teatro company since 1998. She directs her interest towards […]


[single_bg url=”http://sarabelateatro.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/fondo8.jpg”] Pedagogy graduate and qualified in teaching. She lives in Ourense, where she combines her activity as an actress and theatre teacher in the Sarabela Teatro company with her work in reading skill training in councils, teacher-training centres, libraries and educational centres in Galicia. She has been learning from1975 […]